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Welcome to Ankur Nasha Mukti Kendra

LAKSHYA means target! When we say " LAKSHAYA-BHED" it means achieving the target or hitting the bull's eye. What we do here is to help you hit the bull's eye which spoil your personality hazed due to many reasons such as anger, anxiety, fear, low confidence etc. Many such insanity traits are gathered as result of abuse of substances. The person pays a great price for years embracing the habit of abuse, but every time despite knowing that this is a bad habit; harming the health loosing money, distancing relations losing status in society.

Our Center facility helps you bring out the incredible talent in you to a clean and sober life.

Serene Surroundings

At Ankur, you’ll find a safe, secure environment with comfortable surroundings, where a Mukti Kendra feels like home. The food is nutritious and tailor-made, accommodating any dietary needs when needed.

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Expert Staff

Our expert staff makes us one of the top centres in India . Our psychologists step into the shoes of the patients and offer them utmost comfort and safety as they listen to patients talk through their feelings and emotions. We are proud of our doctors and have received positive responses from our patients.

Effective Approach

Our approach has made us one of the best centres in India. We believe that effective addresses the underlying symptoms to a person’s. Ankur primarily follows the Twelve Step programme, empowering intensive reflection, study, clean living and exercise. The steps are built upon to accommodate different religious principles and those who are atheists and agnostics, we endorse a widely acceptable and secular approach. We also use yoga and meditation as an integral part of our programme.

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Safe House

Our Mission

Ankur serves to restore individuals, men and women of all ages, who have problems to health and wellness.

 For Women

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone under our care finds a better way of life, and that go-to centre in PUNE (Maharashtra) - 411025, where individuals and families can trust us to genuinely help change their lives.

We Offer Mukti Kendra in India

At Ankur , you will find the following:

  • Mukti Treatment
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Nutritious, Balanced Meals
  • Home-like Autosphere
  • Experienced and Professional Team

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